Writing Tips for the Aspiring Writer

When I first begin to write, I would use an egg timer to ensure I wrote the length of time I desired. I first set the timer for fifteen minutes writing time. As I began to grow, I set it for thirty minutes. Now, years later, I have no need for the timer because I am in my rhythmic writing season.

As a beginning writer it is good to set certain rituals around yourself. For example find the place to write where you feel most inspired. It may be in your home office, in a library, a coffee shop or by the lake. Every writer is different and to be honest, I have written in all the above places. The key is to find the place that works best for you. Sometimes I need to get away from home because I am distracted there. The laundry and the housework have a strange way of calling my name.

The second key ritual is to do some type of mental or physical preparation. Stretching, praying, mediating or taking several deep breaths before writing are just a few examples. The physical and mental preparation will signal your mind and your body that writing will begin soon. Also your “creative self” will appreciate the attention which you are giving to it and the response from your writing will be worth it.

During your time of writing, if you find yourself writing past thirty minutes, give your body the break it needs. Get up, walk around, get a drink of water and stretch. Your back, arms, hands and overall body will thank you. One thing I have experienced is that tense, tight feeling of muscles getting stiff from not giving my body the rest it needs from sitting in front of a computer.

Just a side tip here: watch those distractions! You can believe when you make a decision to write your book, article or blog, distractions have a way of showing up. The majority of the time our distractions will come in the form of people or pets. It can be your spouse who needs some extra attention. It can be your child who believes you are the only person who knows where their sock is hiding. It can be your pet who needs to go for a walk now or needs to play right now. Another distraction can be that person you may have in your life that loves the drama of the storm. You know the one whom you will give your time, attention and wisdom and yet they seem to love the problem more than the solution. In days of old, I would set the timer on six minutes. If we could not discuss the situation and come to some sort of resolution, I would politely announce, “I am writing and will have to call you back later.” Now, I do not answer the phone at all.”

Lastly enjoy your writing time. Treat it as a time with your creative self and have fun. Write what you a passionate about. Write what you hear. Write what you think. Be yourself and just write.