Ghost Writing a Book

So… you are thinking in terms of writing a book. You have your own ideas, and the know-how when it comes to laying them out in detail and presenting things case by case in order to get your points across. But you don’t have the time, professional writing and editing skills, or the best methods available to you to put forth your book ideas in the most marketable, professional manner. You’re thinking of hiring someone, preferably a professional book ghost writer or editor, to help you do this the right way. You are definitely planning on writing a book, but you need credible help.

When you hire a book ghost writer, you must do ample planning and preparation. Don’t just hire any writer you find on the Internet; research the person you’re hiring first, looking for red flags such as claims of “guaranteed commercial publication.” Writing a book is not an everyday activity, one which almost anyone is suited for. You want to hire a consummate professional, a book ghost writer with amazing, original talent, a proven sales and publications record, or at least the considered ability to lay out everything properly in English so that your readers will understand you. You want to ensure that in writing a book, you’re giving your readers a product they can appreciate, one which they are willing to remember, cherish and talk about for years to come.

When writing a book with the aid of a book ghost writer or editor, you will need to work closely together. Make a great relationship out of it, with the writer becoming your friend, or at least a close colleague. Keep the lines of communication open, as the process of writing a book can take time, months or even years to finally complete. You may need to hire a manuscript ghost writer at first, one who will plan your book with you and put the basic writing down correctly in professional, careful style, and then you could hire an additional book editor to give your freshly written story a second set of eyes, going over the rough draft or almost finished manuscript for flaws, content errors, color analysis, and simple grammar and proofreading mistakes that you and your ghost writer didn’t spot the first time around. Having three people go over your manuscript in progress almost always creates a nearly perfect final production, which you will be proud to stamp your name on as the book’s one true author. Don’t forget, you can also share credit with the ghost writer and the editor in order to lower the pricing for the ghost work, or otherwise to facilitate your relationships with both parties.

Finally, when writing a book, you must forever keep your audience in mind. Write the book in the voice of someone talking to someone else, not just for yourself alone or to get at another party in your life you want to take vengeance against or “spill the beans” about. Instead, writing a book in the first person (the “I” method) is best, in order to gain the confidence of your readers. Make sure that when you are writing a book, it’s one which will be wonderful and fulfilling for somebody else to read. This is something many people forget, so be sure to remember it!

How a Training-Specific Analysis Should Be Conducted

Before conducting a corporate training session, organizations always focus on carrying out a training-specific analysis. The primary objective of conducting this analysis program is to identify and evaluate the gap between the expected and the current performance of its employees.

According to training co-coordinators, a performance analysis program is the first step towards a successful training program. It helps in indentifying the deficiencies therefore assists in designing training programs to cater to requirement of filling the gap between the actual and expected performance. The analysis program enables the training manager to determine the training objectives and plan a process flow as per the learners’ requirement. Thus, they can design a training program, which is relevant to the company’s workforce.

Here, we have come up with a few tips that help in conducting a training-specific analysis, which is effective and functional at the same time.

1. Observing your employees’ daily task and the methods they are applying for doing these is a great way to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Training co-ordinators need to have an understanding of several key data pertaining to the employees of the organization, such as assignment of tasks, time management skills, daily challenges faced. Identifying these traits will enable the determination of training needs of the employees.

2. Through informal conversation with employees, one can identify and explore their key deficiencies. If you know what kind of problems they are facing at work, it will be a lot easier to design a training program that is focused on improving their skills. The success of these programs lies in how effectively you can devise better ways for your employees to deal with the problems that they are facing at work.

3. Formal questionnaires can be framed to request opinions from employees about their personal skill and proficiency. The questionnaire can be structured in a way that can be used to understand the difference between the current skills and the expected competency level to accomplish a particular job. It is likely to establish the areas, where employees need specific support.

4. You can even conduct a skill test session to discover competency levels of employees and their capability in performing jobs associated with a particular task. Through this process, training co-ordinators can understand how the knowledge and training should be imparted to refine their existing skills. Such tests are highly effective to evaluate the expertise of a particular employee in terms of his skills.

According to experts, a clear idea about what needs to be taught can help training co-ordinators to frame study content that is functional and relevant.

How To Make College Affordable – High School Sports Scholarships, Grants And Aid

College is a dream for many student-athletes and parents. In order for this dream to come true, student-athletes, parents, and academic coaches must work together. Costs and financial considerations should not deter student-athletes from realizing their dream of college, but the reality is it often does. Athletic coaches can help by educating themselves, in addition to parents and student-athletes, on the many different avenues to pursue when turning the challenge of college affordability into the reality of college attendance. This is why playing High School Sports can play an essential part in reducing the costs while increasing the odds of receiving Athletic Scholarships, Grants and Aid. With the current downturn in our nation’s economy, it is more important than ever to pay close attention to deadlines, act early, and be first when submitting paperwork and forms. Please take the time to read the following important information.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Applying for financial aid can be a confusing process, but it’s something you should definitely take the time to understand as you will have the potential for receiving a significant amount of assistance that can help pay (and/or defer) college costs.

Here are few tips concerning how schools go through the process of calculating aid for recipients.

Athletic Scholarships:

Just because you may play High School Sports, Athletic Scholarships are much more difficult to receive than many people realize. High School Sports competition is significant, and an honest self-appraisal of one’s ability is necessary prior to beginning the process. Ask your coach to give you an objective opinion concerning the level of ability you possess and to assist you in contacting university athletic programs. Note that the NCAA & NAIA dictates strict regulations in relationship to High School Sports concerning interactions between student athletes and university officials. It is important to understand that receiving an athletic scholarship from a College or University that awards ‘Equivalency Sports Scholarships’ can substantially reduce the total amount needed to attend that school.

Merit Awards:

Eligibility for academic scholarships is usually based on a combination of national test scores SAT and/or ACT and academic performance in high school. Universities may also take into account such factors as admission essays, extracurricular activities, and counselor recommendations. Note that applicant pools vary considerably between universities. The credentials you submit may qualify you for academic scholarships at one university, but not at another. Be particularly aware of deadlines and check the schools that award merit scholarships and be aware of the ones that don’t!

Need Based Aid:

This category of funding includes a variety of programs provided by the Department of Education and the financial department of the College or University the student (athlete) plans on attending.

It is important to understand that Grants are considered “gift aid” and do not have to be repaid. Student employment provides you with an on-campus job. Educational loans (Stafford & Perkins Loans) are available to both students and parents. You initiate the application process for need-based awards by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is submitted electronically at and may be filed anytime after January 1 of your senior year. These awards are based on first come, first serve, so it is important that the FAFSA application is submitted as close to January 1st as possible.

The results of the FAFSA provide universities with an estimate of your family’s ability to pay for educational expenses for the next academic year. To determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), a methodology is utilized that takes into account your family’s income and assets and projects an ability to contribute to educational expenses during the next academic year. Universities then compare the EFC with their cost of attendance. The difference between these two numbers represents your “need” or eligibility for need based aid programs. The qualifying grant associated with the FAFSA application is the Pell Grant. If you qualify for the Pell Grant you automatically qualify for the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (S.E.O.G.)

Cost – EFC = Need

The most important thing to remember is that the cost of the school is half of the equation. The higher the cost of attendance, the greater your chances are of having eligibility for need-based aid. Consequently, you should never rule out any school you are interested simply because you think you cannot afford it. You really won’t know until you apply for aid.

Once your need is determined, universities begin a process of “packaging” various types of aid until they either “meet your need” or until they run out of funds to offer. Here’s an example of how 2 different schools might reply to your aid application:

Examples of Calculating Need & Packaging Aid:

Calculating Need:

School A

  • Cost $13,000
  • EFC $10,000
  • Need $3,000

School B

  • Cost $26,000
  • EFC $10,000
  • Need $16,000

Packaging Aid:

School A

  • Need $3,000
  • Scholarship $0
  • Pell Grant $1,500
  • S.E.O.Grant $1,000
  • Work $500
  • Cost $0

School B (awarding a student-athlete participating in High School Sports)

  • Need $16,000
  • Scholarship $7,000
  • Pell Grant $5,000
  • S.E.O.Grant $2,000
  • Work $2,000
  • Cost $0

All universities have financial aid and admission professionals who are skilled in assisting you with the process. Take advantage of their expertise and stick with it! The potential rewards far outweigh the minor inconveniences of the process. And for further information on how to ‘Play the Recruiting Gameā„¢’ visit

Learn Chinese From Now On

I guess so many people around the world hope to learn Chinese, for this language has become more and more useful in the international affairs. And so if you learn Chinese, you will learn something great about this country’s history and culture, both of which can always dazzle your mind.

At first, let’s look at the basic ways to learn this language. Currently there are a few major learning ways for you to choose from. You see, they are leaning online, learning at school, learning by joining a training class and learning by using a software. Honestly they all have their own strong points and weak points, but they can help you learn Chinese well. But I think you can combine their advantages to boost your Chinese learning.

Now you can surf the Internet as much as you wish, so try to use it to learn Chinese this time. On the Internet you can find different kinds of Chinese learning suggestions which are really fascinating. You just take these ideas to yourself and begin your learning. For example, there is a piece of suggestion online suggesting that learning by talking is a very effective way to learn this language. So you need to try some daily-used topics to perform yourself. When you were young, your teachers or your parents always asked you to say something about yourself. Now you are a grownup, you don’t need to do it any more in your native tongue, but you can try this way in your target language. It is one combination, for you have learned some basic knowledge about Chinese from school.

And another idea is to practise what you have learned with Chinese people you meet. Chinese people are friendly to English speakers. On the one hand, they themselves want to learn English; on the other hand, they would like to make friends with English speakers. So if you have leaned some knowledge on Chinese from school or the Internet, whatever they are, you can try to speak them with Chinese people. You have to admit that speaking Chinese in the conversation can give you very good inspiration in Chinese learning. Or if you are using Rosetta Stone Chinese, you can check if this software is telling you the real Chinese you can use with your Chinese friends.

Why Every Pirate Needs An Eye Exam

Pirates have a lot to deal with these days. They were once the scourge of free market capitalism, hijacking, stealing, robbing, and destroying shipping vessels the world over. Spanning over hundreds of years, pirates were feared and admired, and their perception as charming, devious, hook-handed, eye-patched pariahs only helped to serve the intimidations of many. Today, however, pirates have almost completely vanished. The word brings up nothing more than a few poor Somalis who try to hijack shipping vessels off the Horn of Africa or teenagers illegally downloading the latest MGMT album at 3AM from their parents’ internet cable service. For the few classical pirates that still remain hidden among us, bolstering their once intimidating persona is something that, if not achieved, threatens the very existence of their waning population.

For those pirates who are struggling to come out of the closet and terrorize the world once again, they must consider getting an eye exam. This is no joke. An eye with poor vision can easily be removed, making it necessary for a real eye patch to be placed around the head of the pirate in question. No pirate who would wear an eye patch over a good eye could ever be taken seriously. So for the pirates out there with good vision, it might be helpful to stare at the sun for a few hours each day (with one eye closed, of course). If pirates are still too afraid to come outside and face the sun, however, it might be necessary to take the time to stare at a welding spark with one hand over an eye for a similar amount of time. After an eye exam, the damage that the eye received will surely yield results that will allow a pirate to acquire a true eye patch.

Now that pirates are one step closer to rebuilding their dark, brooding, intimidating characters, they will need to choose some bodily extremity to lose. Be it a leg, hand, ear, or simply a bout of vicious (natural) scarification, one of these will be necessary to rebuild the image of pirates that was reminiscent of the 16- and 1700s. This can easily be done by throwing oneself in a lion or crocodile pit at a local zoo, training with UFC champions (or even angrier runner-ups), or strapping a hand or knee to the rails of a high-speed transit system. Incidentally, for those pirates concerned with pain, the Shanghai Manglev monorail is the fastest in the world.

Finally, pirates need to acquire a fantastic boating vessel and crew in order to travel the Caribbean from cruise line to cruise line, demanding royalties from tourists, bad comics, and the elderly for daring to vacation in their waters. All gold acquired should be melted down into large coins, kept in treasure chests you bury on various islands and dropped into shallow areas of the sea. Once all pirates have taken an eye exam, acquired a severe injury (and preferably a loss of extremity) and begun to pillage the seas, only then will the world rightfully fear the pirate once again.

Why Continuing Your Education Online is So Easy

If college is looking impossible because of no money and huge responsibilities, then you can research education continuance online. Universities and colleges have a number of college courses and degree programs.

Community colleges have technical training and certificates for careers. If you want a training certificate, college degree, PHD or master’s degree, then you can do this online as it is easy and manageable.

Job training and college can be brought into the home through online education. Just picture being at the computer with some juice, in your PJ’s on a morning and you are pursuing a certificate or degree. This is possible with education online and students are pursuing this option more and more. When your education is done online there is no commute to and from school, stressing about attending classes late, staying back late after class, or having to leave your job early to make it to class. You would not have to do without an income so that school can be finished or getting a job to go around your schedule. Education online brings scheduling flexibility and freedom.

You can locate these programs very easy if you utilize the search engines. There are many directories of education and these have a lot of information about the programs at your fingertip. You can research if the school has your field of study, certifications or the degree that you want to pursue. A good method of finding reputable education classes online is to locate the main websites of universities and colleges that are desirable. Many of them have information about their education programs and courses that are online.

Money can be saved on tuition is you stay local. Many more schools are jumping on the bandwagon of distance education and even schools in small towns are offering at least some of the online courses. Call the local university or college to see if they have certificates or degree programs online. Find a distance education catalog for other opportunities that may have been missed when you did your online research. Get advice from family members or friends that may have already done distance courses. People who have done the classes sometimes know about future offerings before the information is put out by the college offices.

Once you locate a desirable program, start the process of application and enroll in classes. Many of the online classes use discussion forums, email or class boards online, where grades and assignments are posted online by teachers. Use the first day to get familiar with the set up, how to contact fellow students and teachers and how to turn in assignments. When you are comfortable, time can be organized and learning can begin.

Everyone can use the ability to advance by utilizing distance education. You can manage a full course load easier and have a better ability to schedule appointments. Many students like the advantage of the freedom and simplicity they obtain from distance education. Anyone who is in possession of a computer that can access the internet has the ability to advance their education that can be done in a way that is comfortable for them.

Copyright (c) 2008 Steven Magill

4 Ways To Choose Internet Marketing Course

Will an internet marketing course lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Some people think so. But simple solutions to complex questions are rarely enough. Nevertheless, a good online marketing course will take you a long way on the journey to success in the complicated internet world. Probably further than single past traditional techniques such as competitions, posters, letter-box drops, search engine manipulation or free gifts. And aren’t all gifts free?

How will you recognize a good internet marketing course? What will it teach you?

There are certain essentials. Assuming you have a good product, you will need to find ways of researching your market and then devising the best ways to reach it. These ways will include optimal web design and content, with special emphasis on writing and editing. You will need to develop your own unique style of promoting your website. It’s your choice. You may lean on pay-per-click advertising or search engine advertising most heavily, for example. It will be the duty of the internet Marketing Course designers to provide these and other awarenesses.

Here are the 4 methods that how you use to find your own Internet marketing course.

1. Research and implement. Learn everything that you can find on the internet and apply what you learn on a internet marketing business. This will take a long time and could easily get overwhelmed and confused and eventually end up with giving up the business.

2. Enroll into an Internet related University course. Generally the tuition fees are high for these courses and also take a few years to complete the course.

3. Find a successful mentor and learn from that person. Unfortunately, most of these successful internet marketers are running their own business and do not offer hands on type of coaching and you may end up with spending the money and not getting the benefits from this person.

4. Find a successful internet marketing course, pay for the moderate course fees (in hundreds rather than thousands) and stick to the system and consistently take actions and give enough time to see the results. The problem with this method is difficult to disguise between the good and the bad system and difficult for a beginner to decide which course to buy. In most cases, the beginners buy lots of products and systems and spend most of their time learning these systems rather than taking actions to implement on one good system.

Obviously, taking an Internet Marketing Course is by no means a guarantee for success. It is essential to have the correct mindset of building up a business and understand that it takes time and efforts to see the results.

Four-D College is a Renowned Institute of Study in Medicine

A school in Southern California that offers extensive study programs for students in building up their career in medicine. Located at Colton, the college has earned good reputation as an institute in study of medicine.

Brief History

Founded in 1992, Four-D College provides careers in medicine for students. Established by Linda L. Smith, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she named the school as Four-D basing on the principles of desire, determination, driver, and deliver.


Located in Colton, California that is a small town in San Bernardino County, Four-D College is one hour drive from Los Angeles. San Diego is a two hour trip down Interstate 15. It is also only an hour away from Joshua Park.

Programs Offered

Dental assistant, medical assistant, medical billing, pharmacy technician, massage therapy, continuous education, and vocational nursing programs are offered by the college.

Extra-curricular Activities

Multiple extracurricular activities are offered for the students by Four-D College including guidance for the students to find the right career path. School counseling program is there to advise students on a range of issues from healthcare to housing. Student council is also available for the students who have a minimum 3.0 grade point average and in addition the college also offers on campus pre-school and child care services.


Four-D College is accredited by the National Accounting Bureau for Health Education and also by the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. Nursing Program is accredited by the Board of Vocational Nurses and Psychiatric Technicians.

Unique Features

City of San Bernardino Employment and Training Agencies have named Four-D College as school of the year. San Bernardino Private Industry Council offered similar credit to the college.


Four-D College follows open admission policy. Any student having a high school diploma or GED equivalent can enroll in the college subject to standardized entrance examinations. Students who wish to enroll in Vocational Nursing Program must pass an ability to benefit test. Prospective students must visit the campus to learn about the facilities and ways of enrollment. Last but not the least aspirant students must sign a general health form.

Student Support and Financial Aid

Four-D College offers remedial services, academic and career counseling, PT cost defraying employment, on campus day care and library facilities among others as student support program. Various types of financial aids like federal, state, local, and institutional grants, scholarships, and student loans are also offered the details of which can be viewed on the state university website.

Coach Diaper Bag – A Trusted Brand

Coach was begun in 1942 in a family loft in Manhattan as a family run business where everything was made by hand. Skills used to make these products have been used and passed on from past generations. Since the beginning, they have strived for the highest standards in quality and integrity. They do everything they can to make a high quality product every time.

Coach is a leading designer in fine leather goods and custom fabrics. In addition to handbags, this company also makes accessories such as wallets, sunglasses, scarves, hats and many more. This company defines themselves by their quality and integrity and do everything they can to maintain this.

In the United States and Canada, there are over 900 Coach stores. Coach merchandise can also be found in department stores, specialty stores and boutiques, and online at the Coach website. The United States makes up 75% of the Coach market with Japan in second with 19% of the market. Coach is looking to expand their brand in Japan in the near future. The Coach brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the United States.

An exceptional level of quality and workmanship goes into each item made. This is true of the diaper bags as well. In the current line, Coach has two different baby bags available. The first is a patent leather bag. This bag has a price tag of $648. The top of this bag is a zipper closure and has two shoulder straps. There is an additional strap that can be detached. The lining inside this bag is custom fabric and the outside has pockets on each side. This bag only comes in black and comes with a baby changing pad.

The second diaper bag for sale is an Op Art bag. This bag goes for $498. This bag comes with the brilliant Op Art design and has two colors available, pink and black. This bag has a zipper closure and has a custom lining. The outside has roomy pockets on each side and has two shoulder straps. There is an additional third strap that can be detached. Included with this bag is a changing pad.

In addition to the diaper bags, many of the other bags Coach offers would make excellent choices. There are numerous totes from different collections that are large and roomy enough to hold all of your gear. The Tribeca totes retail from $268 up to $498. The Cambridge collection has cross body bags that are leather and retail for $198. The Signature collection has the most options to choose from. The exterior patterns are numerous. You can choose from the signature C pattern, silver or gold shimmer patterns, animal prints, patent leather and many more.

When buying your Coach bag, to ensure you are getting a true Coach, buy one from a retail store. Coach bags are only sold in stores, not from an individual, not from an overseas vendor and not from a purse party. Check the C’s on your bag. The C’s are always in pairs and always face each other. The pattern will not be ended in the middle of the pattern. The only place this will happen is on the side of the bag. All Coach bags will come with a dust bag. These bags are either brown or tan and will have the Coach logo stamped on them.

The Coach brand has always strived for a high quality product. A diaper bag does not disappoint. These bags were made to last and they will do just that for a long time to come.

Career Development Tips To Help You Be In Charge of Your Work Destiny

More and more professionals get their life satisfaction and purpose from their career. It is not surprising therefore that employees work diligently for long hours just so they can reach their career goal or certain level of success. It was common for companies to plan and determine the career path of their workers decades ago; however, such is no longer the case considering that the focus of organization has shifted dramatically to making profit, hence, if one desires to get ahead of his career then he needs to take control of his destiny in the work place. Being in charge means at the end of the day if one did not reach his goals then there is no one else to blame but himself; in the same manner should the opposite happen then credit is all his.

If you are interested in knowing how to control your work destiny, here are practical career development tips to help you do so:

  • Do not forget to make a periodic assessment of where you are. As the popular saying goes, “That which cannot be measured, can never be attained,” thus, it is essential that as you move in your career you assess and evaluate if you are truly progressing. Some people take a career detour thinking that it will get them faster to their goal but in reality they are taking a huge step back; if you are regularly assessing where you are in terms of where you want to be, then such eventuality will not happen.
  • Stop waiting for things to happen but rather make things happen. If you feel that your superior, the company, or your colleagues are not giving you the opportunity to shine, you better stop moping and create avenues for yourself. However, for you to do this, you have to constantly ensure that you are updated and competitive in terms of skills and knowledge; keep in mind that learning and getting better never stops.
  • Find a competent and trustworthy mentor. Having someone to work with who can serve as your guide and adviser is very critical in career development, nevertheless, do not expect that your boss will automatically be your mentor considering that more often than not they are those who are outside your division, if not outside the company altogether. Do not forget that the most important quality of a mentor is his interest in your professional and personal well being.
  • Be sensitive to know when it is time to leave. If you have been working in a company for years without progressing or getting better opportunities then it is time to move on. Do not tolerate an organization that does not have a culture of empowerment or that which is purely utilitarian. It is better to leave as early as possible rather than spending your best years there without any results.
  • Always keep an eye for building your network. Those included in your network should not be limited to the people you personally know but also to the people that they are acquainted with. This is particularly helpful if you are looking for career opportunities or advancement since numerous people will be on the lookout on your behalf.
  • Be mindful of how you present yourself. Although your skills and knowledge are the most important factors when you are working, you should never forget that as superficial as it maybe, fact is people generally judge another person by his appearance. Hence, you should choose your dress and how you look according to how you want to be perceived by others. Furthermore, studies suggest that dressing like a winner can actually condition your mind towards this end.

The items on this list are just some of the most doable ways to help you turn your career towards the better. Essentially, all the tips mentioned are just reminders on the importance of being proactive and aggressive in terms of career development.